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20.04.2011 18:06

My best friend is about to go to Australia and New Zeeland for three months. I wish her a very, very good time and i hope she´ll write me a postcard, but without her, time will be even more boring.

I have discovered a band named "Persephone" (maybe it´s also just one person, but i don´t know). I like the songs very much. The melody is always beautiful.

The weather is also beautiful. Sunshine, no clouds, a little  breeze.

I can not deny, that i like life the way it is right now. The little problems seem to be far away and life just wants to be enjoyed. But beeing all alone, without friends and family, there´s nothing to talk of. there´s nobody to talk to.

I´m not going to let sadness in my life today, but it´s always behind the shadow.

20.4.11 18:15

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