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21.03.2011 21:51

Just got the result of my exam. not quite what i wanted, but i guess it´s my own fault... -.-

well, live goes on. no school anymore. no more getting up at seven o´clock, five days a week. no more. I´m sad. i miss school already. a big part of my life ended today. i know, it´s a old saying, that we don´t value the things we have. but if they´re gone, we know what we´ve got on them.

i liked school very much. spendet half my live there till now. except of few, i know all my friends from school.

im sad right now. caucse there are not much things better now. not much things which i couldn´t do during schooltime. so there aren´t much things to do right now.

the only thing which give me a little bot of hope, is the fact of my earning money. it´s something to do. jesus. help me...

21.3.11 22:03

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